Sweetheart #2

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Need that special Alaskan gift for your Sweetheart?  We got you covered!

Here's what's in our Sweetheart #2

2 lbs. Alaska Gold King Crab Legs/Claws

2 lbs. Copper River Sockeye Salmon 8oz portions

2 lbs. Alaska Halibut 8oz portions

1 - Pouch Alaska Native Style Smoke Salmon Strips 

Last day to ship to receive for Valentines Day, Thursday, February 10th.


Wild Alaska Gold King Crab! 

Pre-cooked, Sweet, Firm But Tender, Rich, Luxurious and ready for re-heating.

The vast majority of the wild Alaska Golden King Crab is from the Aleutian Islands.  A chain spreading hundreds of miles and dividing the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea.  Wild Alaska Golden King Crab live in the extreme slopes and vacuous depths of the waters between the Aleutian Islands.  This requires harvesters to use poys linked to longline rigs.  These rigs inckude at least 10 pots, with heftier "anchor" pots and a group of four buoys attached at the ends.

Although it may be added to a variety of recipes, we recommend simply boiling from frozen. Once heated throughout, crack or cut each section and watch as huge chunks of meat slide easily from the shell. You can also Bake, grill or steam.  The simpler the better. 

  • Average .50 to .75lb. per leg
  • Certified Sustainable
  • Legally-Caught, Wild-Caught
  • Complimentary recipe cards

Copper River Sockeye Salmon!

Big Flavor. Also known as Red Salmon, sockeye is robust and rich in flavor with a firm texture that makes it versatile for any cooking method.  Famous for its natural deep red flesh, sockeye is the most abundant species in the Copper River Delta.  A summer BBQ favorite.

Every year, Copper River Salmon make the journey from the ocean back to the Copper River to spawn. Copper River Salmon store remarkable amounts of nutrients in order to muscle their way up 300 miles of long and treacherous rapids. Their high oil content makes them some of the highest quality and best tasting salmon in the world.

Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon are world-renowned for their full flavor and distinctively deep red color. They naturally store high levels of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids - a quality which makes them both heart-healthy and flavorful.

  • Frozen Wild Alaska King Salmon 8 oz Portions 
  • Some packages may contain 2-4oz portions
  • 2 lbs
  • Skin on
  • Individually vacuumed packed
  • Complimentary recipe cards

Wild Alaska Halibut!

Wild Alaska Halibut inhabit the deep ocean floors of Alaska's pristine inlets. After swimming upright for the first six months of their lives, they rotate to one side and their eyes shift skyward. Their adaptability in nature is matched by their flexibility in the kitchen. The firm delicate texture and clean flavor of Wild Alaska Halibut lends itself effortlessly to just about any seafood dish and cooking method imaginable.

  • 8 oz Portions 
  • Some packages may contain 2-4oz portions
  • Complimentary recipe cards

Native Style Smoke Salmon Strips

Partnering with Tustumena Smokehouse, we are able to offer our Salmon, smoked the traditional Native style.  These smoked Salmon strips are truly an authentic wonderful Alaskan treat.  Fillets are hand stripped and placed in a brine and hung in their old fashioned cold smoker for up to 14 days using their secret recipe.  Stoking the fire during the whole process using cottonwood gathered off the beach, same as the Alaskan Natives traditionally smoked their salmon.  During this slow process the salmon turns a vibrant iridescent red color.  

Other names used for this style of smoked salmon, Hard Smoked Salmon or Salmon Jerky.  

  • Wild caught Alaskan Smoked  Salmon
  • Average weight per package - 1/2 lb. +

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