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Need that special Alaskan gift for your Sweetheart?  We got you covered!

Here's what's in our Sweetheart 


What You Receive:

2 lb. Wild Alaskan Spot Prawns

2 lb. Copper River Sockeye Salmon 2 -8oz portions

2 lb. Naked Scallops 

1 Smoke Sockeye Salmon 8oz. retort


Wild Alaska Spot Shrimp

Caught in the pristine waters of Central Prince William Sound, AK., on the F/V Aleutian (pictured), these bright orange stout shrimp are an Alaskan favorite. Flash-frozen at sea to insure the best quality possible. Wild Alaska spot shrimp are the largest wild shrimp species found in Alaska. Also known as the lobster of Alaska for their subtle sweetness and robust flavor.  


  • Frozen IQF 1 lb. pouches 
  • 20/25 per lb.
  • Head off / Tail on
  • uncooked 
  • No veins
  • Some may contain eggs
  • Certified Sustainable
  • Legally-Caught, Wild-Caught


Copper River Sockeye Salmon!

Big Flavor. Also known as Red Salmon, sockeye is robust and rich in flavor with a firm texture that makes it versatile for any cooking method.  Famous for its natural deep red flesh, sockeye is the most abundant species in the Copper River Delta.  A summer BBQ favorite.

Every year, Copper River Salmon make the journey from the ocean back to the Copper River to spawn. Copper River Salmon store remarkable amounts of nutrients in order to muscle their way up 300 miles of long and treacherous rapids. Their high oil content makes them some of the highest quality and best tasting salmon in the world.

Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon are world-renowned for their full flavor and distinctively deep red color. They naturally store high levels of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids - a quality which makes them both heart-healthy and flavorful.

  • Frozen Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon 8 oz Portions
  • Skin on
  • Individually vacuumed packed
  • Complimentary recipe cards



Harvested naturally in the North Atlantic Ocean. Every sea scallop is hand-shucked and individually flash frozen at sea within minutes of catch, locking in the peak freshness, texture, and flavor.
These "dry" scallops are absolutely chemical free with no water added, allowing them to pan sear perfectly and caramelize beautifully. We call these "Sea Candy" for their incredibly sweet flavor.
*Sushi Grade quality*

  • 10/20 per pound- Jumbo Scallops 
  • Harvested from the icy cold waters of Eastern Canada
  • Hand Shucked
  • Frozen 
  • Absolutely Chemical Free
    • No Preservatives, No Phosphates, No Added Water, No Additives


Copper River Smoked Sockeye Salmon 

Our Smoked Salmon has been an Alaskan favorite for the past 2 decades and continue to be one of our best sellers. Our customer reviews say it all!

Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon are world-renowned for their full flavor and distinctively deep red color. They're naturally packed with omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids (1,570 mg per 2 oz serving), a nutrient which has been linked to cardio vascular health, muscle development, eye care, and may even boost your metabolism.

  • Product Details

    • Wild-Caught 
    • 100% USA Owned & Operated Company
    • Alderwood Smoked
    • Pre-Cooked, Ready To Eat
    • Skin-On, Boneless
    • No Refrigeration Necessary Until Opened
    • Gluten-Free
    • No Preservatives
    • No Artificial Ingredients
    • Ingredients: Wild-Caught Sockeye Salmon, Salt, Sugar, Natural Alderwood Smoke

    About Our Smoked Salmon

    To get the best recovery possible, the salmon are filleted by hand, then cut into strips or left as a fillet. The salmon is then put into our traditional centuries-old curing brine to give it the delicious taste that makes our smoked salmon so distinctively delicious. The cured salmon is then smoked to perfection with natural Alder wood. Create Alaska Smoked Salmon Spread using our recipe, or simply place onto crackers with cream cheese.



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