16th Jan 2012

1/16/12: Cordova Assessment Of Fishing Fleet

Today, nearly 1/3 of Warehouse Building #7 was torn down to reveal the clearest assessment yet of damage.  There are four boats of the 20 stored that were damaged by the building collapse.  Three of the boats, FV/Dirtywater Fox, FV/Nicole and FV/Amber Gris incurred minor damage.  The Little Swede incurred the most severe damage.    Copper River Seafoods is consulting each of the owners on the status of their respective vessels and arrangements are being made on a case by case basis.   

Copper River Seafoods has been awaiting equipment to arrive via the Alaska Marine Highway.  Due to weather, the Ferry has been delayed for 5 days. The equipment will be used to remove the boats, complete demolition of the warehouse, place the boats back on the original pad, covered and secured.  Copper River Seafoods has satisfactorily removed 70% debris and building materials from the collapsed section of Warehouse Building #7. It is anticipated that this project of demolition of the building and the safe/secure storage of the vessels and supplies of the lockers will be complete on January 25th.