14th Jan 2012

1/15/12: Update On Cordova Facilities and Property


For Immediate Release – January 15, 2012 cordovafleet.jpg

Two buildings experienced roof collapse late this week after more snow and rain that weighted down the already damaged structures. The first roof collapse occurred at an older wooden building formerly used as a machine shop.  There is no significant property of value within that building and it is holding little focus for the staff and owners who are on-site at this time.  

The focus of our major attention is Warehouse Building #7.  The roof collapsed, on the two-story building during the initial heavy snowfall, but all had remained secure on the first floor.  Over the course of the week with more snow and rain, the entire metal building began to fail.   The building houses 20 fishing boats and contents of 10 storage lockers belonging to the local fishing fleet.   The property is being salvaged and recovered as it becomes accessible and on-site staff has been in communication with those using the facility for storage.   Preliminary assessment is minor damage, however, due to snow and collapse of building, we won't know more until equipment arrives on Sunday 1/15 and we can begin the process of removing the debris of the building to make a more accurate assessment.   The building has also been secured to limit access to only our own personnel at this time.    The current estimate of damage at the Cordova, Copper River Seafoods plant and facilities is estimated at $500,000, based upon what can be visually assessed at this time.