26th Nov 2013

11/26/13: Critically Acclaimed Food Writer Ruth Reichl Recommends Copper River Seafoods

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2013 Gift Guide: Day Two


Wild Alaskan King Crab 

I’ve loved Copper River Salmon from the first moment I tasted it.  And not just because the flavor is so rich and delicious - and so different from the lazy farmed salmon we most often eat.  I also like the spirit of this fishery, which is locally owned and entirely sustainable.

Salmon’s not in season at the moment, but the Copper River Seafoods  website offers an entire range of products, from frozen salmon (Coho, Sockeye) to smoked and canned products.  This time of year, however,  their various Wild Alaskan King Crab offerings are most intriguing.


Ten pounds of Red King Crab legs would make a very regal present - or a fine holiday feast if you’re inclined to treat yourself. 

Prices (which include shipping), range  from $99 to $180 dollars for ten pounds.